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Aparna Johri

Health & Wellness Coach (Lifestyle Consultant) Singapore

Founder of Healthy with Aparna (www.HealthywithAparna.com) Certified Lifestyle medicine coach from Purdue University. With my personal 1-On-1 online coaching so far, I have transformed more than 1000 lives who were suffering from lifestyle disorders and struggling to reduce weight. As a testament to my commitment to helping individuals achieve optimal well-being, I have designed a free 21-day holistic health program. This comprehensive program covers various aspects of wellness, including nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness, and self-care. Participants will receive daily guidance, tips, and resources to incorporate healthy habits into their lives. The program aims to create lasting positive changes and establish a solid foundation for long-term well-being. https://www.healthywithaparna.com/21-days-holistic-lifestyle-program/ I am a passionate, dedicated health and wellness coach, committed to helping individuals lead healthier and more fulfilling lives. I specialise in providing guidance and support in various areas of wellness, including nutrition, exercise, stress management, and overall lifestyle improvement.

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