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Local connects parents with great local businesses, like yours.

1.5+ million parents

Nearly 1.5 million parents visit our site each month to find parenting related stuff.

10,000+ business listed

Nearly 10,000 business are listed already on Local. And it's growing.

184+ parenting categories

From nanny services to hobby classes, birthday oragnizers to tutors and everything in between is on Local.

If your business helps parents, you've to put it up on Local.

Dance classes on Local

Guitar classes on Local

Birthday organizers on Local

Nanny agencies on Local

Yoga for kids on Local

Maths tuitions on Local

Badminton classes on Local

Pediatric dentists on Local

Paining classes on Local

Music classes on Local


Start with your free listing

Having a strong presence on Local helps you establish trust with potential customers. Manage your basic listing for free or upgrade to stand out from the competition.

  • Update your basic business info so people can find you
  • Be visible to more than 1.5 million parents
  • Upgrade to stand out from the competition


Build trust with your business page

Differentiate your business from the sea of competitors with an upgraded page. Showcase your business in a beautiful, modern, mobile-friendly page for your brand and stand out in the search results.

  • Appear higher in the search results
  • Add photos, amenities, highlights and showcase the best of your business
  • List your products, services & memberships with pricing packages and discounts
  • Integrate payment workflow and securely accept instant payments
  • Close deals with site visitors with an on-page live chat widget


Start, run and grow your business

Local comes with a single mission control of your business. Gain the insights you need to grow-- manage orders, shipping, and payments, chat with customers, respond to revierws and close more deals.

  • Track and fulfill orders quickly with a simple dashboard
  • Respond to customers reviews and build credibility in the parenting space
  • Get performance insights to level up your reach

A complete business toolkit. For every kind of business.

Payment integration

Securely accept all the modes of payments from your customers --no set up required.

Live chat widget

An on-page chat widget helps you get more leads and turn those conversations into coversions.

Order management

Process and ship orders quickly and accurately with a simple dashboard to manage all your orders.


Nudge your customers to buy with discounts that can be customized with expirations, usage limits, and products.

Reviews management

Receive & respond to customer reviews and build your credibility on the network.

Run subscriptions

Enable membership subscription and collect automated recurring payments.

"Ever since I started on Local, I have seen the difference. We are seeing inquiries coming through Local. And those inquiries are of genuinely interested people who are ready to spend money."

Chaitanya Shenoy, Party Crafters

"I was able to list my business in less than 5 mins. My detailed listing page with payment and chat integration was live and I was able to quickly share the same within my circles and outside."

Anuradha Karthik, Healthyfy_me

"There's nothing else on the Internet that is so focused on the parenting niche. So for our kind of businesses(pregnancy photography), Local is a godsend. Totally worth every penny."

Sneha Kamal, Baby Photography

Thousands of parents are looking to spend their money on great local businesses like yours. Make sure they choose you.


What is your mission?

Our mission is to make parenting easier, smarter and maybe happier. Whatever contributes to this mission is on our radar. Local is one such attempt to bring great local businesses to parents, even before they know they need it. And in process, help local businesses flourish.

What kind of businesses can we list?

Whatever supports parenting : could be bakeries, coaching classes, hobby classes, bakeries, party organizers et al. But there’s an exaustive list here if you’d like to take a look.

Is it free?

Local at it’s most basic level is free. You can set up your listing with basic details in front of a million parents for no cost at all. If you’d like use premium features and show off your business better, transact and chat with your customers you’d have to pay a fee of Rs. 99/month, all inclusive,

What are the benefits of paid listings ?

Paid listing helps you to showcase your business in a beautiful, modern, mobile-friendly way and stand out in the search results.

  • Appear higher in the search results
  • Add photos, amenities, highlights and showcase the best of your business
  • List your products, services & memberships with pricing packages and discounts
  • Integrate payment workflow and securely accept instant payments
  • Interact with site visitors with an on-page live chat widget
How do I create my listing ?

Creating a listing is a very simple process. Go to

Start with creating a free listing. You need to share your valid email id or create a id. Once the email id is verified, you will have to share the 10 digit mobile number for which a 4 digit OTP will be generated. You need to enter the OTP and start creating your free listing

I am getting an error that the mobile number is already existing. What should I do?

That means you have already created your profile using the number on and you are trying to create the same once again. Instead of creating a new log in, please use the id you have already created and start the listing. For any problems please contact

Why am I being asked for my business GST Details or my PAN details?

Since it is a business listing it is mandatory to share either GST details or PAN details for identity verification. If your business is registered and has a GST number, the same has to be used for creating the listing.

My Business category is not available. What Should I do ?

Choose the main category and write to us at We would create the category.

I have already listed my business in Google maps and other listing sites? Why is an exclusive Parenting platform where mothers come for some or the other needs - nanny services, post delivery yoga class, play schools , music teachers etc.These parents can find you, chat with you, make payment and book your services.They can also get in touch with you directly.One of our unique features is connecting parents with great service providers in their locality.

How long does it take for my listing to go live ?

It will take about 10-12 mins to create your listing. The Listing will go live once team reviews and approves your listing. The approval will be done within 24 hours.

What forms of payment do you accept ?

We have all payments options available. Debit or credit card, Netbanking, UPI, Wallets etc.You can use any of these options to make the payment online.

How do I modify my listing page ?

You have to log in using the same id used for the creation of your listing and you can go ahead and modify the listing. Every time a listing is modified, the same will be reviewed by team and changes will be approved within 24 hours.

I have to list more than one business. What is the process?

You can use the same id to create multiple listings to showcase your businesses. For each separate business listing, the annual subscription fee has to be paid separately. This makes any service more search-friendly and increases the possibility of coming higher up in the search whenever a parent is looking for it.

My Business is not in Bangalore. How can I list ?

We are very soon coming to other cities as well. Keep watching this space to come on board whenever our service goes live in your city. You can also share your details at We will reach out to you.

I don't have enough pictures to upload. What should I do ?

One business profile picture is mandatory while creating the listing. You can add the pictures even after creating the listing.

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We empower local businesses in these 186+ categories in the parenting niche
We empower local businesses in these 186+ categories in the parenting niche