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Dr Sandhya Salway is a Clinical Psychologist, Ayurvedic Physician, International Learning Specialist, Dermatoglyphics practitioner, Career counselor, Garbhsanskar expert, Pre & Perinatal Educator. She has done Certification in Birth Psychology and Prenatal-Postnatal Yoga. She is Founder & Director of Brainmark Dermatoglyphics Pvt Ltd, pioneer in introducing Dermatoglyphics across Maharashtra since 2011. This is the only company in India with a unique combination of Psychometric, Dermatoglyphics, and Emotional Intelligence assessment under one roof. She has 27 years of work experience in Mind, Body, and Brain. She is also a professional writer who writes blogs regularly on Brain development, Psychology, Dermatoglyphics, Multiple Intelligence, Prenatal and Postnatal education, Garbhsanskar, Ayurveda etc. Currently writing a book” SUPRAJANAN SHASTRA- The art and science of Eugenics”. She has been conducting a whole-brain development workshop for nine years. Her special work is on “Brain Development in mother womb” through Prenatal education, it is a perfect blend of Ancient Ayurveda, Birth Psychology, and Global research.

Whole Brain Development Training

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Prenatal education – Nurture the dream child

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