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Lizane Füzy

Regsistered Midwife South Africa

Welcome to this site and well done for taking the first step educating yourself as a parent-to-be! My name is Lizane and I am your online midwife. I have been a midwife for over a decade with a ton of experience in both public and private sectors so I am sharing first-hand knowledge of both environments as they can differ in many ways.

I have a passion for caring for pregnant moms and newborns and I want you to know that as a midwife I can hold your hand throughout this journey but as a mom, I understand this journey and with twins on top of it, I also get the dynamics of bringing more than one newborn home so all in all, I’ve got you covered. Follow the new mom guide, antenatal information and other resources that I present to you with the facts in order for you to make your own decision. We also have a very special section where moms share their birth stories because whether it was a positive or less positive experience, these are our stories and sharing makes us feel like we are not alone.

As a mom I share my own experiences – I have toddler twins (so I’m also here for the moms of multiples) but I’ve been where you are very recently and totally get the phase you find yourself in and I know that the theory sometimes does not speak to the practical implications and that is okay. We all just try to do the best we can while juggling households, work, romance, friendships, groceries, mom guilt and much much more.

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