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Wanitha Ashok's Moving Bodys tagline is " Get fit , toned and sculpted the fun way". The elite workouts are based on functional fitness and focuses on 3 dimensional training to improve the quality of life. Workouts at Moving Body are based on fun and novelty, as exercise routines can get monotonous. No two workouts are t

COVID-19 Health & Safety updates

  • Contactless payments
  • Hand sanitizer provided
  • Regular Sanitisation
  • Mask is mandatory
  • Temperature checks

Highlights of the business

  • Remote Services During COVID-19
  • Online classes During COVID-19
  • Certified Professionals
  • Women Owned & Operated


  • 18 Years Of Experience
  • Zoom Clases
  • Recorded Classes Available To Workout At Your Convenience
  • Live Classes Available Too
  • Suitable For Kids Above 10 To Age 50
  • Weekly Two Strength Training Classes Option

Amenties and more

  • Car Parking
  • Power Backup


Banashankari 2nd Stage

Banashankari 2 nd stage



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Weekly two classes
₹ 1500
  • These classes build bone density, lean muscle mass, boosts metabolism and prevents age related wrinkles, weight gain and osteoporosis and keeps you strong and toned. Think muscular strength, strong dense bones, mobility, power, muscular endurance, preventing osteoporosis and stiff joints and good posture. Weekly 2-3 sessions of strength training is recommended to see these changes. These classes are most suitable for women above 35 plus. Are you ready to get stronger, sleeker, leaner and toned right in the safety of your house using props available at home ?go ahead sign up for this 60 minutes live sessions. I will be covering all major muscles using bodyweight and props. These classes are suitable for people 18 and above. I would like to have a chat with you and get to know about your goals, so please feel free to connect to me.
Weekly three classes
₹ 2000
  • Try out these skill based cardio-strength classes which are based on skills, these exercises challenge your mind and body. Variation in exercise routine helps burn more calories and prevent repeated injuries. Music based classes help stick on to workouts, makes your burn calories during and after exercise.
Weekly Three Classes
₹ 2500
  • Lose weight the right way! Workout online at your convenience, whenever you are free !!! A 60 minutes class covers cardio and strength using props available at home.Weekly 3 new structured classes are released. U can access previous classes too. Use water bottles , mopping stick , chair , towel , dupata , jacket, napkin and do variated and strength exercises. You can cast it on TV , use an iPad laptop or phone tablet
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